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4 min readAug 13, 2022


Change is the only constant…

After a long wait, this coming Monday the 15th is the time to jump ship for several passengers who are sailing on wrecked ships of traditional insurance. 15th August 2022 will mark the beginning of a new voyage for everyone who has suffered the consequences trusting insurance providers and agents to protect them in their hour of need.

The launch of Pana DAO will bring new life to the insurance industry and also restore the faith that customers once had in insurance as a product. Not because insurance today is bad, but because it is not serving everyone it should — Pana DAO brings democratised insurance down the value chain to the least served.

There are several advantages of joining the mission at an early stage rather than later.

Why join at the early stage?

Joining at an early stage will give participants a chance to get the PANA token for free. This is especially important because when the DAO launches bonding capabilities and Assurance NFTs, the PANA token will provide an important value of exchange in the new ecosystem due to its utility.

At launch, PANA and PANA-USDC LP token staking pools will be configured with boosted reward rates(10x and 40x respectively). This will give stakers an opportunity to accumulate the most PANA by simply re-investing their streamed PANA into the PANA staking pool itself.

There is a chance for further boosts in the PANA reward amount as other stakers withdraw their assets from the staking pools resulting in an increase in reward share for those who choose to stay staked.

All in all, this is an opportunity for anyone to acquire PANA without spending anything at all. This phase happens only once and the DAO will eventually transition to bonding. So, participation is encouraged.

What if I wait for 12 months before I participate in the protocol?

The longer you wait to participate in the protocol, the more you will need to learn before participating. While it’s not terribly difficult to understand, bonding and Assurance NFTs represent a more advanced DeFi solution. Streaming on the other-hand is the most basic primitive in the DeFi economy. Once free streaming of PANA shuts down, the token will start accruing value due to the following reasons:

  • The token will no longer be free to acquire — it will be subject to market forces
  • The only way to acquire new tokens will be through bonding or buying from a DEX
  • Assurance NFTs, which are the insurance primitive in the solution, have time locks and parametric parameters that will need to be understood

Due to the above factors it would be in the best interest for DeFi natives as well as rookies to jump in and get their hands on the protocol while PANA is streamed for free.


Benefits for participants during each phase are as follows:

Phase 1 (Streaming)

  • Receive free tokens
  • Accumulate more through re-investment
  • Make good use of unused or low yield bearing assets
  • Retain ownership of staked assets
  • Flexibility to withdraw at anytime
  • Benefit from other participants withdrawing their assets
  • Boosted rewards for certain pools

Phase 2 (Streaming + Bonding)

  • Get acquainted with the bonding mechanism
  • Participate in the introduction of KARSHA, the governance token
  • Auto-staking keeps earning yield in terms of PANA
  • Arbitrage opportunities between KARSHA and PANA pools
  • Keep earning free PANA from streaming

Phase 3 (Bonding + Loss Ratio Peg)

  • Increase in market forces due to conclusion of free streaming phase
  • Volatility smoothing through loss ratio pegging
  • Good opportunity to learn more about the value of KARSHA/PANA
  • Participate in governance and decision making using KARSHA
  • Learn about Assurance NFTs (Phase 4…)

Why participate at all?

Understanding the mission statement for Pana DAO is extremely important for all participants considering whether to participate in the protocol or not. Pana DAO is class agnostic, which means it’s open to accept all participants across the world, regardless of their financial background, country of origin, position, race, religion, colour, etc.

It exists to serve the underserved regardless of their income class. The DAO is bridging the gaps between humanity and creating a more sustainable and harmonious economic arrangement.

Those who care for this DAO’s mission, but could not do much in their individual capacity, then this DAO is an opportunity for them to be able to make a valuable contribution as an individual. This is because the more participants there are in the protocol, the healthier the ecosystem. This is especially true for Assurance NFTs.

For those who don’t find themselves interested in the mission, it still presents them with a win-win offering for their capital which may be sitting idle or not growing the way they want to see it growing. Regardless of whether Pana DAO succeeds or fails or whether the PANA token becomes valuable or not, the stakers are not disadvantaged.

Closing Thoughts

As a DAO with a mission we aim to please every participant who chooses to join us, syndicates and insured alike. But as needed for any mission success, it is essential that our mission resonates with global audiences and they join us in working towards a democratised future!!

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A Humble Mission to Serve the Underserved. A Bold Goal to Provide Insurance to Everyone.



Pana DAO

Pana DAO is the first crypto protocol built to facilitate parametric insurance using a model similar to the time tested Lloyd’s of London syndicate model